Balloon Class 101 Basics (Garlands & Backdrop Installs)

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Beginner Friendly Balloon Class Basics (3-Different Size Organic Garlands Styles)

Have you dreamed of turning your passion for balloons into a profitable business? Would you like help to get started? Then check out our Beginner Friendly Balloon Class Basics!

We decided to make it easy for you to learn new skills / techniques/ pricing and mentorship & support you for all your balloon decor questions.


-This class is a beginner's learning experience. The class is for students who want to get in the balloon industry but need a little help to get started. If this is you, then I am here to help you! Come and take this class with me, it will be a great learning experience. I will provide educational materials, show the basics of the different type of premium balloons to use, demonstrate how to twist balloons, show how to start a base for a garland & hanging techniques and to discuss how to price and how to market your new hot item. You will be very knowledgeable after taking our class!

It all starts with learning these steps correctly.

What’s Included with purchase:
-Refreshments will be included throughout the 3-4hr class.
- Educational Materials
- Note Pad & Pen
- Custom Printed Workshop T-shirt

What’s in it for me?
Sharing and discussing all my tips and strategies while being in the balloon world for 6+ years as a professional balloon artist. I love helping others and I know it was a challenge for me in the beginning but want to encourage anyone who is willing to learn.

This is the only course where you can learn what NOT to do when creating your organic balloon garlands & more. We also will talk about how to market this product and cost to make and sell this product along with how to hang the different type garlands.
Our trained staff will be there with you also offering hands on , 1-on-1 , as well as group sessions to ensure you are learning all that is needed to know. Hope to see you soon in the class! 


Class Date & Times:

  • September 17, 2023
  • Times: 1:00 pm - 4:00pm 
  • Gonzales Location: Will be sent by email 2-weeks before class. 

There will be NO REFUNDS to students that’s late, no show or etc to our class. Class will start on time at exactly 1:00pm no later. If you have any questions about the location please notify us in advance once the location email is sent out which will be a week prior to the class date.